Tom O'Brien


If you ask Tom O'Brien what the greatest influence on his body of work is, he will tell you Willem de Kooning's paintings and his grandmother, Elenor. 


As a young boy growing up in Chicago, Tom had many discussions with Elenor. As she sat at her dressing table, she would disclose her love of painting to him. Tom's art education continued to expand as they frequented the Art Institute together and he taught himself to paint. By the age of 15, he was creating copies of his favorite works and he has not stopped painting since. 


Tom's work is a celebration of color, form, and the sensuous paint trail his brush leaves behind on canvas. His painting series Conversations from the Dressing Table began 1968 and continues to this day. The seated figure still intrigues Tom and gives him the opportunity to carry on a conversation that never ends –


Tom invties you to the conversation by exploring these moving abstract paintings and to see what their color and brush strokes might inspire!